Involvement of non-governmental organization experts in activity of state institutions


21 september 2018

Participation of NGO social workers into narcological dispensaries and regional AIDS centers staff will increase the quality of medical and social support for clients and provide the constancy of NGO services.

In order to involve non-governmental organization (NGO) experts in the activities of state institutions, in Poltava region the practice of advocacy campaigns was held. That provides NGO programs and services financing at the expense of the medical institutions budget.

In order to implement the case, the staffing schedule of the clinic for the availability of free rates was analyzed, the provisions on the work of the services of treatment and prevention institutions was developed and adopted, as well as the order and responsibilities of the social worker of the NGO.

The first step was to analyze the health facility staff listing for free social worker rates availability. Along with that, the cooperation agreement between the health facility and NGO providing the consolidation of partnerships has signed.

Based on this, a statute on relevant service operation for social worker was prepared, for example, the Statute on the multidisciplinary team work. The organizers wrote into the statute the main functions and responsibilities of the social worker.

As a result of negotiations with the leadership of the local health department and the head physician of the institution, a draft of the corresponding order on the treatment-and-prophylactic institution on making changes to the institution’s regular staffing or on the admission to a free rate of a social worker was prepared. They also developed relevant job descriptions.

Budget advocacy school experts consider the introduction of social workers into the staff of the institution by a mechanism that allows implementation of the provision of high-quality social services of NGOs to the work of specialized state-owned medical institutions.

 Case implementers: CO “Light of Hope”.

 Result: Involvement of 60 social workers, NGO psychologists in state institutions staff in 17 regions of Ukraine for 2015-2017.

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