Medical and social services procurement for injecting drug users through the social ordering program


14 june 2018

An efficient way to ensure the sustainability of integrated social services is procurement through the program of solving priority questions by using social ordering mechanism.

The precedent of attracting budget funds for the provision of medical and social services for IDU through the social ordering program was created in Sumy region.

Implementing the case, analysts conducted systematic monitoring and analysis of public procurement by funds users in the health care and social protection areas, elaborated and approved the target program for solving priority issues using the social ordering mechanism and conducted a social services procurement.

Procurement monitoring was carried out through access to ProZorro professional module for e-Procurement. That gave an opportunity to collect, analyze and systematize information on the situation in the public procurement field.

This information was used during the development and approval process of the program, involving both representatives of NGOs and local authorities. The draft program had a public discussion and was approved by the Coordination Council, and then was approved at the session of the regional council.

The next step was the procurement of social support services for patients with SMT. which took place through the ProZorro system. That allowed to maximize the transparency of the procurement and demonstrated the innovative approach of the region’s management and the Customer.

The mechanism of social ordering and procurement of services through the ProZorro system* has been held in other regions of Ukraine.

Case implementers: NGO “Club “Chance” in Sumy.

Result: 118 508 UAH allocated for social support of patients who receive SMT through the social ordering program.

* References to similar cases (Rivne, Poltava, Lviv).

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