Introduction of integrated approaches in the ART–treatment offices


22 february 2019

An integrated approach is one of the factors that affects the efficiency and provision of access to a complex of medical and social services. That has a positive effect on treatment and, as a result, on the quality of life.

Care and support are the comprehensive range of services, including medical, socio-psychological, socio-economic assistance, provision of legal support. These services are crucial for well-being, health, adherence, diagnosis and adaptation. Care and support services are needed from the time a diagnosis is made and throughout the life of a person living with HIV.

On the basis of a medical institution in an office for ART-treatment in Moldova, they attracted special consultants and social workers to provide psychosocial support to PLWH.

For the case implementation, based on international experience, agreements were reached with the leadership of the medical institution on piloting an integrated approach based on the treatment room in Chisinau. The joint efforts of NGO representatives and medical staff have developed a clear algorithm for the work and interaction between the medical and social services integrated in the medical institution.

Case implementer: PA “Inițiativa Pozitivă”, Moldova.
Result: in 2019, 5 consultants and social workers were integrated on the basis of a medical institution with ART centers for the provision of psychosocial support to PLWH.

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