Visualization as a tool in advocacy campaign


18 february 2018

Products of information design allow to convey complicated information in a simplified and effective way to the target audience in the advocacy process.

Budget advocacy school experts always use information design products in the advocacy process. The main goals of such visualization are to simplify the perception of a large amount of complex information, to highlight the main thing and to show the interconnections.

Informational design has such forms, as infographics, presentations, handouts and catalogs. Creating each of them has 2 stages: the work of an analyst/journalist (who knows deeply the topic), the work of the designer/illustrator (visualization process).

First of all, separation of the main idea, formation of the thesis and cutting the odd information should be done.

The next step is to create a sketch by designer, to select a graphic, and to approve the finished product.

In the process of advocacy, informational design is used to prepare a visual justification of the problem, visualization and simplification of a large array of data, the creation of media materials on complex topics etc. For example, the analytical reference “Efficiency of substitution maintenance therapy” was used as an explanatory tool in advocating process for budget financing of harm reduction measures. The document disclosed the issues of the legislative framework, efficiency and world practice of SMT implementation. As a result, 999 100 UAH for 2015-2018 years from the regional budget for SMT was approved in Poltava regional program on HIV/AIDS response.

Case implementers: NGO “Institute of analysis and advocacy”.

The result: 111 infographics, 52 presentations, 52 reports (catalogs), 190 visual materials for social networks and advertising, and 7 logos have been created during 2017 year.

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