Development of social services ordering


12 april 2018

Non-governmental organizations have the opportunity to provide quality social services for state through the social ordering mechanism.

Social ordering as an economic and legal form for the implementation of targeted social programs makes it possible to develop and implement these programs in the most efficient way at the expense of budget funds through performers on a competitive basis.

At the initiative of the Ukrainian charitable organization, the social service ordering mechanism in two cities of Poltava region was held.

At first, to implement the social ordering mechanism in Poltava region, changes to the relevant social program were made and the necessary package of normative documents was developed.

Then the analysis of existing social programs in the city/region was made with the aim of identifying the main implementers (funds managers) and socially vulnerable groups of people who are recipients of services in these programs; conducting an analysis of social services area of the city/region was provided in order to identify existing gaps and formulation of priority tasks to be solved.

The results were used during the development of normative framework. In particular, a number of relevant normative documents have been developed and agreed (the Provision on conducting a social tendering competition, the Plan for conducting social tenders, the Form of the tender, the Form of the Contract and the Form of the reporting documentation), and the methodology for calculating the value of the social services; the total cost of services and volumes required financing for the social ordering procedure were also determined.

As a result, there were conducted a competitive social ordering procedure. According to the decision of the competition commission, the winner with whom they signed the contract has been determined.

As part of the elaboration of the social service ordering mechanism, 1500 young people in Poltava and 203 PLWH and vulnerable to HIV groups in Kremenchug were given social services.

“The mechanism of conducting a social ordering contest allows to assign budget resources efficiently and transparently and solve socially important problems of the community,” – noted Maxim Demchenko, executive director of CF “Light of hope”, Budget advocacy school expert.

Case implementers: CO “Light of Hope”.

Result: 50 000 UAH (Poltava), 120 000 UAH (Kremenchug) were allocated for the implementation of the social service ordering.

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