For the first time the procurement of NGO social services took place in Odessa region


13 december 2018

From now on, people who inject drugs and need treatment of inpatient tuberculosis in hospitals will be able to receive harm reduction and SMT programs from non-governmental organizations at the expense of the regional budget.

To implement this mechanism, they analyzed the harm reduction services provided by NGOs and found gaps in services for IDUs that are not funded either by international donor funding or by the local budget.
Then they identified a priority service for procurement. It is “social prevention service (secondary and tertiary) for people who live in difficult circumstances caused by their health, for example IDUs who suffer from tuberculosis and have inpatient treatment”. They also identified a customer (CNE of the Odessa Regional Council “Odessa Regional Center for Socially Significant Diseases”), developed a package of necessary documents and conducted procurement in the ProZorro system. Since November, more than 20 patients have already received the necessary social services.

«This is the first such procedure in the Odessa region. Harm reduction services provided by non-governmental organizations were funded with international donor support before. The importance of this step is that injecting drug users in hospitals don’t have the opportunity to stop the injecting drug use. Since the use of street drugs while in the hospital violates internal discipline, some patients (including multiresistant tuberculosis ones) escape from the hospital and discontinue treatment due to the need to take drugs. Therefore, they lack access to SMT programs and access to harm reduction programs is limited», – said Natalia Kitsenko, representative of CF “Way Home”.

It should be noted that the implementation of the procurement of social services mechanism from non-governmental organizations in the Odessa region will significantly improve the ability of local authorities to finance harm reduction services for IDUs. In turn, that will positively affect the sustainability of the provision of these services, due to the decrease in funding from international donors.

Case implementer: Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home”.

Results: : 2249724 UAH were allocated from the regional budget for the implementation of social services for IDUs.

This material was published with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

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