The 2020 draft budget of Ukraine provides 207.9 million for HIV support and prevention services


13 november 2019

Ukraine has become the first country in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to move from donor funding to HIV prevention and support services to budget funding. The transition process is gradual and is designed for 3 years.

The first funds for financing these services from the state budget were allocated in 2019. The draft of the state budget for 2020 provides 207.9 million for financing services for HIV support and prevention:

 – 49.9 million UAH for the procurements of care and support services for people living with HIV;

 – 148 million UAH for HIV prevention services among high-risk groups.

Such amount of money will expand the reach of services from 252,000 Ukrainians in 2019 to over 356,000 Ukrainians in 2020.

According to the Government’s goals, in 2020, the public health system will move to a new, modern mechanism for strategic procurement of public health services, in particular for immunoprophylaxis and prevention of non-infectious diseases. This was preceded by a successful pilot experience in financing HIV prevention and support services at the expense of the state budget in 2019.

In addition, the transition from financing the statutory budgets of state institutions – laboratory centers of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine – to the procurement of specific priority services in public health facilities will be provided during 2020. For the first time under the program 2301040 – “Public health and epidemic measures” – 227.1 million UAH will go for the procurements of public health services. It is planned that the services will be provided by regional public health centers (currently in the process of creation) and by other providers. According to the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement” all procurements will be made through the Prozorro system, which will significantly improve the efficiency of the use of public funds.

It is also planned to increase state financing of medicines and medical products procurements to 9.77 billion, which is 3.2 billion more than in 2019. Public procurements of medicines and medical devices are carried out in 40 directions. Procurement programs include HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, oncology, cardiovascular disease, rare orphan diseases, immunoprophylaxis, and more. The procurement of medicines will continue to be carried out by international organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, Crown Agents) and by the State Agency for Medical Procurement of Ukraine established in 2018.

In total, the budget project presented by the Government on November 5 provides 113 billion UAH for the health care, which is 13% more than the 2019 budget. The next word is for the Verkhovna Rada – it has to approve the draft budget.

The article was prepared in the framework of the project with the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation , based on the official website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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