Third webinar for EECA countries was held on International AIDS Day


04 december 2020

The meeting participants discussed the existing practice of financing services through national insurance agencies.

The main tasks were to present the existing experience of different countries and to consider the prospects of applying the mechanism.

Triin Habicht from the WHO Barcelona office told about the existing world experience in more detail. She focused on universal health coverage for all populations. She also drew attention to the fact that the state should invest more in financing medicine.

Speakers from the National Tuberculosis Control Program, the National Medical Insurance Company of Moldova, and the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia presented the experience of their countries. They noted that there had been noticeable progress in the transition to public funding of HIV services, but that much work remained to be done. Representatives of the countries spoke about their plans and prospects for the coming year.

Roman Drozd talked about the details of implementing the model of financing services through national insurance agencies, using Ukraine as an example. He explained how to adapt the model to the context of each country.

All the webinar presentations showed that active work on combating HIV and TB epidemic continues in EECA region countries.

“Our meeting has become another stone in the system of sustainable service delivery for key populations,” says Tetyana Perepelytsya.


The webinar was organized by Institute of Analysis and Advocacy in the framework of the regional project “Sustainability of services for key populations in the EECA region”, implemented by a consortium of organizations from the EECA region under the leadership of  ICF “Alliance for Public Health” in partnership with  CO “100% Life”, “Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV” and the Eurasian Key Populations Health Network, funded by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (#SoS_project);  and with the support of the TB Europe Coalition in the framework of TB-REP 2.0 project, which is funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GF) and implemented by Centrul PAS as Principal Recipient.

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