Budget Advocacy School took place in Kyrgyzstan


11 july 2018

Practices and cases of Ukrainian experts in the field of budget advocacy are widely applicable in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) on July 2-5, with the support of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan (SFK) the Budget Advocacy School was organized by the CO “Light of Hope” and NGO “Institute for Analysis and Advocacy”. More than 20 representatives of non-governmental organizations of Kyrgyzstan together with Ukrainian experts have developed advocacy plans that will be implemented at the local level.

The team of trainers is high-class professionals who develop new policies, approaches, mechanisms for working in the field of budget advocacy and also successfully implement them not only in Ukraine but also in partner countries. For example, substitution maintenance treatment programs have been supported by the government of the Kyrgyz Republic. Programs for monitoring, implementing programs, allocating and spending efficiency in the public health sector are unparalleled not only in the near, but also in the far abroad“, – noted Batma Estebesova, participant of Budget Advocacy School.

It should be noted that there was the second Budget Advocacy School in Kyrgyzstan. Together with the experts the participants analyzed the positive and negative results of last year’s advocacy initiatives. Representatives of non-governmental organizations were also given the opportunity not only to hear about new instruments of influence and methodology, but also to listen to previous interested lectures in order for new advocacy plans to be realized more efficiently and successfully.

We want all participants of Budget Advocacy School to be more efficient in their work in the field of budget advocacy. It is the most important goal. We also want to get another 20 experts from our community of budget advocates who solve socially important problems around the world,” – said Maxim Demchenko, Budget Advocacy School expert, executive director of CO “Light of Hope”.

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