Budget Advocacy School for TB Community took place in Kyiv


16 july 2018

Representatives of TB community from 11 regions of Ukraine studied new efficient tools and practices in the field of budget advocacy.

On July, 10-13 the training “Strengthening the potential of TB community in Ukraine. Budget Advocacy School” for the community of people who suffered through tuberculosis took place in Kyiv. The training was conducted by CO “Light of Hope”, NGO “Institute for Analysis and Advocacy” with the support of International Renaissance Foundation and All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH.

During 4 days the best experts in the field of budget advocacy trained TB community representatives to work with the budget calendar and policy documents, monitor the budget process, as well as work with graphic design products etc.

In order to influence decision-making by local or state authorities, it is necessary to know the specifics of the budget process in order to understand when and which tools are best to infiltrate the budget process. Understanding the budgetary process also affects the monitoring of budgets, which give us the opportunity to know how costs are planned, in what areas and volumes“, – said Polina Kolganova, BAS expert, head of public procurement direction at NGO “Institute of Analysis and Advocacy”.

 A group of BAS leading experts focused on the concept of social accountability, which involves participation in all stages of decision-making in budget financing process: in policy development, budgeting, tracking budgets and their use, and monitoring the quality of services provided.

“Due to those tools, the practices we received at Budget Advocacy School, thanks to those experts who came to us, our organization “From Heart to Heart” has a lot of positive results. To date, we have received more than 2 million UAH from local and regional budgets for the introduction of social services in the Cherkassy region”,  – noted Natalia Nesvat, the founder of the charitable organization “From Heart to Heart”, BAS participant.

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