Budget advocacy school for organizations working in the field of HIV with teenagers and youth was held in Kyiv


02 october 2019



The first stage of the work was a presentation on the possible options for attracting resources from local budgets to implement programs on working with teenagers and youth in the field of HIV. Maxim Demchenko, Yuriy Nestulya, Nadezhda Timoshenko, Alexey Zagrebelny talked about the concepts of budget advocacy and the problems that most often arise during the implementation of campaigns.

We are confident that the work of Budget Advocacy School will help participants institutionalize the services, that are currently being provided for donor funds in the regions, and receive budget funding”, said Nadezhda Timoshenko, an expert of Budget Advocacy School.

Kateryna Kyslay, Olexandr Tkachenko and Olena Dmytrenko worked with participants on the issues of using graphic design, analytics and tools for monitoring budget expenditures in advocacy activities.

Iryna Belyaeva, an expert on youth policy at the Department of Youth Policy of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, spoke about successful cases of cooperation between the state and NGOs and praised the work of the youth center “Lighthouse” CO “Light of Hope” in the field of budget advocacy at the local level.

“This training helped me to make structure of those knowledge which I had had before: what needs to be done to make budget advocacy cycle really successful and  to finish it not only with promises but with sustainable services providing” – mentioned Victor Shylov, participant of Budget Advocacy School, manager of Youth Center “Lighthouse” of CO “Light of hope”. 

At the final stage of the BAS, the participants practiced the development of advocacy campaign plans. Each group presented their achievements and had the opportunity to receive feedback from trainers.

“The training was informative, rich and aimed at future cooperation with state budgets, local government budgets to support and develop prevention programs among young people in the context of HIV infection prevention, risk behavior and promoting a healthy lifestyle,” said Natalia Kamyshanskaya, a participant in Budget Advocacy School, representative of the center for teenagers of the Kharkov city charitable foundation “Blago”.

Budget Advocacy School was held with the support of the International Charitable Foundation “Alliance for Public Health” and the International Renaissance Foundation from September 23 to 27, 2019.

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