Sustainability of rehabilitation program in the penitentiary institutions through the services procurement in NGOs


28 march 2019

The therapeutic community for convicted IDUs is an innovative method in the penitentiary system of Moldova.

For more than 6 months, the process of rehabilitation of IDUs is implemented using the therapeutic community method in penitentiary institution 9 – Pruncul (Moldova).

To implement the case a number of working meetings were initiated to identify priorities, develop a service program, as well as mechanisms for interaction among partners at the national level. International experts played an important role in the process of service establishing, they provided technical support at all stages of the pilot’s implementation. Particularly significant at all stages of the implementation of the pilot was a pronounced political will of decision makers, both at the level of penitentiary institution No. 9 and the Agency of penitentiaries, and at the level of the Ministry of Justice.

At the national level, the idea of ​​opening a Therapeutic Community for IDUs prisoners in the penitentiary system rather actively began to be discussed in 2015 by all partners. This is an innovative method that consolidates a comprehensive package of services for this category of convicts and will provide access to the service. That allows you to work out issues related to drug use as efficiently as possible and prepare for the time of release for further qualitative socialization and reduce the risk of relapse. The rehabilitation program is based on the principles developed and adopted by the community itself. The program provides services as by highly qualified specialists, as well as equal-to-equal way. Over the entire period of the Therapeutic Community work, already three residents after serving their sentences, continued the process of socialization in the civilian sector, two of them continued the rehabilitation program in the Therapeutic Community in the civilian sector, – said Ruslan Poverha, executive director of NGO “Inițiativa Pozitivă”.

At the moment, a strategy has been formed to expand this service, and additional negotiations are underway with international organizations.

Case implementer: NGO “Inițiativa Pozitivă”, Moldova.

Result: Penitentiary institution № 9 – Pruncul allocated 78,000 lei for services procurement in NGO.

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