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31 may 2019

The government is shifting from donor funding (primarily from the Global Fund) to public funding for HIV prevention and treatment and care services. Thus, according to the transition plan, starting in July 2019, the basic package of harm reduction services will be financed from the state budget through procurement of such services from non-governmental organizations. However, there is a need to provide a full package of harm reduction services (http://moz.gov.ua/uploads/2/11665-pro_20190412_2_por.pdf), which is possible in case of additional allocation of funds from local budgets. This issue will be addressed by Budget Advocacy School, which will be held on June 24-27, 2019 in Kyiv.

NGOs, charitable foundations, officially registered patient organizations working in the field of public health with experience and advocacy in the field of HIV service are invited to participate in BAS.

Please note that priority will be given to representatives of organizations that implement or plan to implement local budget advocacy for harm reduction services in Ukraine, which should be reflected in the questionnaire, and who plan to submit projects to the International Renaissance Foundation in support of budget advocacy from local budgets for harm reduction, which you can find here.

The following issues are planned to be considered during the Budget Advocacy School:

1. The transition to public funding: a brief overview of the status, successes and challenges;

2. The ratio of procurements of the basic package of services at the national level and additional services at the expense of local budgets;

3. Budget advocacy at the local level: from policy formulation and priorities to monitoring the quality of service:

– Participation of non-governmental organizations in the formulation of local public health policy and the prioritization of HIV prevention services among vulnerable groups (harm reduction);

– Algorithm for development and approval of normative documents necessary for allocation of funds from local budgets;

– Ways of establishing partnership with local authorities;

– Development and implementation of advocacy campaigns;

– Use of analytical research in advocacy campaigns;

– Possible models for sustainability and funding for harm reduction services at the local level;

– ProZorro e-procurement system operation, participation in tenders.

4. Competition for International Renaissance Foundation projects to support budget advocacy from local budgets for harm reduction (to be announced in early June with deadline until July 4, 2019).

If you are interested in participating in Budget Advocacy School, please fill out the application form in detail below.


Application deadline is June 11, 2019!

Invited participants will receive a confirmation email by email.

Contact person: Irina Domnenko, manager of Budget Advocacy School, iradomnenko1989@gmail.com.

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