Development and adoption of Transition Plan to ensure the sustainable comprehensive measures for HIV/AIDS response


26 july 2018

Local authority will pay more attention to financing of defense against serious diseases.

 The Transition Plan in the field of HIV/AIDS is the policy of power, which involves the development of effective mechanisms and the gradual transition from donor to state funding of comprehensive measures to combat the epidemic.

 By combined efforts of Poltava and Sumy regional organizations an effective plan to ensure the sustainable HIV/AIDS response has been developed, the gradual transition from donor to budget financing has been established.

There must be the local program in the region to implement the case, as the Regional HIV/AIDS Program identifies the key goals, components and indicators of effective work in such area.

There were two steps for approving the Transition Plan: the cross-sectoral working group for making the project Strategy was formed, and the Strategy was approved by the Coordination Council.

The approved Strategy defined the local government activity areas and obligatory services types. The Transition Plan was prepared on the basis of proposals submitted by the main implementers of the HIV/AIDS response program in accordance with the adopted Strategy and was approved by the decision of the Coordination Council at the regional state administration.

The next task for NGO is to monitor the proper plan performance by all responsible persons.

According to Budget advocacy school experts, the Transition Plan implementation will consolidate the integrated approach of regional policy on sustainable HIV/AIDS response and other serious diseases. First of all, the transition plan will provide proper task and indicators performance of the regional program for sustainable HIV/AIDS response. In addition, it provides the effective coordination of the system of medical, social and other services for representatives of high-risk groups to prevent the transmission of HIV infection, to improve their quality and efficiency, and to provide these services by local executive authorities.

Case implementers: CO “Light of Hope” in Poltava and NGO “Club “Chance” in Sumy.

Result: The Strategy and the Transition Plan were approved by the order of the chairman of the Sumy Regional State Administration.

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