Calculation of planned and actual provision of Ukrainian regions with medicines for HIV/AIDS, TB and VHC


18 february 2018

The advocacy of allocating budget funds for HIV/AIDS, TB and VHC treatment requires a thorough analytical study of the problem state and actual state of the region’s medicines provision for these needs.

Poltava organization conducted an analytical study on the process specifics of providing Ukraine’s regions with HIV/AIDS, TB and VHC medicines.

The study included the analysis of the regulatory framework and basic communication processes, analysis of medicinal product nomenclature, the fixation of official prices for medicines, the dynamics of requested and actually delivered drugs, determination of the estimated and actual cost of the regional and all-Ukrainian total need for medicinal products, calculation of the planned and actual availability of medicines for adult patients.

At first, the normative framework that regulates the process of collecting drug requirements was analyzed, the responsible persons and the peculiarities of the public procurement process was identified.

The medicines nomenclature used for the HIV/AIDS, TB and VHC treatment and its changes were analyzed.

Then the medicines prices were analyzed, and also compared how many regions declared the drugs to receive and how much they really received.

The estimated cost of the full medicines demand was calculated based on bid prices and on the basis of actual prices and these two indicators were compared.

On the basis of the developed formula, the planned and actual availability of medicines for adult patients were calculated and the percentage of patients who received treatment from all those who needed it were identified.

Thus, in the process of analytical work, in particular, comparing the indicator of the actual availability of regions with the proportion of patients who received treatment, experts found the disadvantages of the system of providing Ukrainian regions with medicines for HIV/AIDS, TB and VHC treatment. This information can be a significant argument in advocating the introduction of changes to the algorithm for determining the need for medicines and the mechanism for the actual receipt of drugs in the regions.

Case implementers: NGO “Institute of analysis and advocacy”.

Result: analytical report on the Ukraine regions provision with medicines for HIV/AIDS, TB, and HCV treatment.

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