Implementation of Transition Plan from donor to budget financing of HIV/AIDS response measures


18 february 2018

The model working out of government services procurement in the framework of the implementation of the plan for the transition from donor to budget financing of HIV / AIDS measures is a strategically important task for the future of the NGO work.

Poltava region implemented a pilot service procurement model by state institutions for the Global Fund money through local authorities. This pilot funding model will allow to implement a new mechanism, to identify the problem points and then in 2019 procure services in the proportion of 50/50 (half of the regional budget, the other half of the GF) without any difficulties.

The case implementation consisted of several key stages: the transfer of GF funds to local authorities; formation of local working group and preparation of normative documents; carrying out the service procurement procedure; provision of services by the procurement winner.

At first, the Global Fund transferred funds to Public health centre (PHC), and the last one retransferred it to the Regional State Administration and to profiled regional department. The funds transfers were carried out on the basis of agreements signed between the parties.

After receiving of the first tranche at the local level, a working group was formed which was involved in choosing the procurement procedure and developing the required regulatory documentation.

After that, the Customer placed the procurement advertisement, the NGO prepared and sent a tender proposal. As a result of the tender procedure, the NGO was identified as the winner.

The final stage was the agreement conclusion with the winner and the provision of services. Also, this stage involves customer monitoring of the process and quality of services provided. After completing the service delivery process, the NGO will submit a performance report to the Customer.

According to experts of Budget advocacy school, the pilot model implementation allowed confirming the efficiency of the chosen mechanism and the possibility of its further application for budget funds. Also, the passage of all stages of this mechanism has allowed identifying the advantages and disadvantages in order to improve the model in the future.

Case implementers: CO “Light of Hope”.

Result: the mechanism with a total budget of 11 663 670.80 UAH has been implemented.

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