Transition of Substitutional Maintenance Therapy for Injecting Drug Users from Donor to Budget Funding in Ukraine


10 january 2019

Efficient advocacy strategy should include a ready solution for the government.

The All-Ukrainian charitable organization conducted an active advocacy campaign to involve the authorities in financing substitution maintenance therapy at the state level.
In order to gain support from the Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Center for Public Health, the organization prepared a policy paper on the reasons why the government should finance SMT, as well as a plan for implementing state-funded programs.
After receiving support from the health authorities, they formed a plan for public procurement of SMT treatment, which must be approved by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. The organization held meetings with the Deputy Minister of Finance to engage his support.
In addition, the CO organized a broad high-level meeting on funding SMT programs with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister, ministers of health and finance. As a result of the meeting, CO specialists were invited to cooperate with representatives of the Ministries of Health and Finance to draw up a budget proposal for SMT procurement.

“Sustainability of complex measures for HIV/AIDS response is a unique experience, and the transition to state financing is a vital necessity. Because the all the services, developed over 10 years, can simply collapse and hundreds of thousands of people will simply stop receiving treatment. Only active civil society can enable sustainability of programs,” – noted Dmytriiev Serhii, Policy and Advocacy Director of CO “100 Percent Life”, Budget advocacy school expert.

Proactive position of civil society organizations in establishing communication with political leaders and decision makers can bring solutions for even not so popular among general public problems such as funding for SMT programs.

Case implementer: CO “100 Percent Life”

Result: 49 million UAH was allocated from the budget of Ukraine for SMT procurement (2016-2018), 25 million UAH was allocated to the budget of Ukraine for 2019.

This material was published with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

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