Organization of service procurement to support and care for children living with HIV/AIDS


18 february 2018

ProZorro procurement mechanism allows to purchase quality services and efficiently use budget funds.

In order to provide social services to HIV-infected children, the procurement through the ProZorro electronic system took place in Lviv region.

To implement this case, NGO representatives joined the definition of the need for social services, made changes in the local program at the session of the regional council, took part on procurement through ProZorro and directly entered into a contract for the provision of social services after the victory in the tender.

First of all, in cooperation with local health care department, a non-governmental organization identified the needs for social services by formulating proposals on the profile commission. The official letter with the recommended proposals was approved by profile committees and filed for consideration at the regional council session. The letter included a situation description in the region with statistics, the description of the need and importance of the particular social services introduction, the prospect of their provision and the determination for which local/regional Program can a proposal be made. Also, a financial proposal for service or a package of services cost was submitted separately.

The decision to amend the local program and approve the funds for providing support and care for HIV/ AIDS patients was made at the session.

The mechanism for social services procurement through the ProZorro system was made gradually: the NGO registered at one of the system trading platforms, prepared the necessary package of documents for participation in the auction, carried out the calculation of services cost, submitted the price offers and became the winner in the result of the reduction.

After this, the Customer has published information on the winner with whom the relevant contract for the provision of social services has been concluded. The services are provided by a non-governmental organization during the term specified in the contract, after which the NGO will give the customer an appropriate report.

Budget advocacy school experts noted that procurement services for providing care and support to HIV/AIDS patients through the electronic system gives the opportunity to use local budget funds as efficiently and transparently as possible for the region priority needs and to receive high-quality treatment and social services for people.

Case implementers: CO CO “Network Lviv.

Result: 518 480.00 UAH was allocated from the regional budget for the implementation of support and care for children with HIV/AIDS through ProZorro procurement system.

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