Mechanisms of financing HIV and TB services from budget funds were discussed at a large webinar for representatives of EECA region countries


20 november 2020

The objective of the webinar, which took place on November 10, was to present existing funding mechanisms in different countries, discuss real cases of using the mechanisms and propose optimal algorithms for a particular country. 


NGO and government representatives of EECA countries participated in the online introductory meeting. The webinars combine two regional HIV and TB programs – SoS project and TB REP 2.0. 

Participants reviewed in detail existing mechanisms and sources of funding in different countries and shared their experiences.

Alexandr Rucsineanu, representative of the National Association of TB patients (SMIT), told about the unique experience of Moldova in financing from the National Health Insurance Company. He noted that the experience of financing by insurance companies is the most sustainable for the TB sector. 

In addition to existing mechanisms, participants also considered new directions for building sustainable systems of financing services.

“Sustainability, continuity, security of budget items, customer focus, accountability, equal access to funding for service providers are the principles that should be taken into account choosing a funding model in each country,” – said expert Maxim Demchenko in his speech. 

He named the necessary components for successful advocacy and shared the experience of Ukraine in implementing the model 20-50-80 when budget funding was gradually increasing.

At the end of the webinar two products for information exchange were presented: – a portal that will collect information on the transition in each country and a portal on social contracting which will contain data about the funding mechanisms. Both services are in the development stage. They are designed to simplify the process of information collection and experience exchange.


The webinar was organized by Institute of Analysis and Advocacy in the framework of the regional project “Sustainability of services for key populations in the EECA region”, implemented by a consortium of organizations from the EECA region under the leadership of  ICF “Alliance for Public Health” in partnership with  CO “100% Life”, “Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV” and the Eurasian Key Populations Health Network, funded by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (#SoS_project);  and with the support of the TB Europe Coalition in the framework of TB-REP 2.0 project, which is funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GF) and implemented by Centrul PAS as Principal Recipient.

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