The mechanism for purchasing social services through the ProZorro electronic system


08 may 2018

The mechanism for purchasing services through the ProZorro electronic system allows ensuring the efficient and transparent use of local budget funds.

In 2016, a reform for implementation the newest ProZorro system for budget funds procurement took place in Ukraine. This system has already proved to be a significant level of transparency and allowed saving the state billions of UAH on purchases.

In the medical institutions of Poltava and Sumy regions* on the initiative of local NGOs the mechanism for purchasing social services through ProZorro was realizes. Health care institutions procured services for prevention among injecting drug users (IDUs) and groups at increased risk of HIV infection.

The case implementation includes registration at ProZorro trading platform, preparation of the required package of documents for participation in the auction, calculation of the cost of services, submission of the price offer and direct participation in the auction.

The implementation of the model makes it possible to significantly simplify the mechanism for purchasing social services, as well as economically and rationally use funds to procure those services that are most in need in the region.

According to Budget advocacy school experts, managers of medical institutions and service NGOs may be interested in implementing such a model of social services, because ProZorro provides the possibility of NGO participation in public procurement.

Case implementers: CO “Light of Hope”, NGO “Club” Chance“.

Result: 66,800 UAH allocated in Poltava for provision of comprehensive prevention services for injecting drug users and 211,300 UAH allocated in Sumy for services for injecting drug users and for risk groups of HIV infection using the mechanism of electronic procurement in the ProZorro system.

* Poltava and Sumy Centers for AIDS Prevention, Sumy Regional Drug Addiction Dispensary.

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