Proposal of projects from The International Renaissance Foundation


03 august 2020

The International Renaissance Foundation announced a competition of projects “Funds of local budgets for harm reduction services” for public organizations and charitable foundations working in the field of public health.

The purpose of the competition: to support the initiatives of non-governmental organizations aimed at ensuring the development of harm reduction programs from local budgets to provide a full package of services to vulnerable groups and ensure their sustainable work.

The main task is to achieve a common understanding of the issue of “quality of services” between key partners and, accordingly, to establish a system for ensuring the quality of services.

Requirements for the project proposal:

organizations applying to participate in the competition must describe previous experience in the field of public health, harm reduction programs or in the field of local government policy making, monitoring and budget allocation.

The project implementation period cannot exceed 1 year.

The total budget of the competition is UAH 2351499.

The optimal budget for the project is UAH 400,000.

The deadline for submitting projects is August 28, 2020.


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