Financing of harm reduction programs from local budgets in the context of HIV/AIDS response


19 february 2018

Budget financing of harm reduction programs will minimize the negative consequences of drug addiction and the spread of HIV/AIDS at the local level.

The advocacy campaign to raise funds for prevention programs for vulnerable groups was launched in Sumy region.

The main objective of harm reduction programs is to prevent or decrease the negative medical, social, economic and legal implications of drug use, and to prevent the spread of HIV among IDUs and other at-risk populations.

After approval of the Regional Target Social Program for HIV/AIDS, the organization joined the cross-sectoral working group and took part in adoption of the Regional Strategy for Access to Preventive Services.

HIV/AIDS response program was developed to provide integrated services for vulnerable groups. It included financing of prevention programs for vulnerable groups at the expense of local budgets after finishing of financing by the international donor.

In the framework of the program practical implementation a cross-sectoral working group (CWG) was formed, the head of which was the NGO chairman. Within the framework of the CWG, its members prepared a Strategic Plan and Transitional Financing Plan for Preventive Services for representatives of high-risk groups for HIV infection.

The strategy of ensuring the access of representatives of risk groups of HIV infection to preventive services was approved by the order of the Regional State Administration chairman. Then the strategy and order of healthcare department “Methodological Recommendations for the Implementation of Harm Reduction Programs” were also approved.

According to Budget Advocacy School experts, above mentioned documents are the basis for fulfilling the financial commitments declared in the Program to finance the activities of the HR, which in turn has a positive impact on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Case implementers: Sumy Regional NGO “Club” Chance“.

Result: UAH 980 900 from city and district budgets for implementing harm reduction measures announced in the Regional Targeted Social Program on HIV/AIDS response.

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