The experts of Budget Advocacy School took part in the co-ordinating meeting of countries of the Balkan region


30 october 2019

 Meeting took place in Skop’e (Republic North Macedonia) of Octobers, 2-3, 2019 within the framework of regional project  “Sustainability of Services for Key Populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” (#SoS_project)

On meeting organizations, workings in the field of HIV in North Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and also representatives of the International Charitable Foundation “Alliance for Public Health”, CO «100% Life», The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Open Society Foundations, EHRA and Budget Advocacy School were present.

The first day was devoted to discussing the situation in countries in the context of the transition from donor funding to public funding. Achievements and challenges, as well as opportunities to share experiences, adapt and scale best practices, were considered.

“First of all, the meeting is an opportunity to join forces, to cooperate and to share experience in the field of promotion of the Transition Plan,” said Sergey Dmitriev, Policy and Advocacy Director of the CO «100% Life» .

The focus of the next day was the discussion of priority areas and goals to work on promoting the transition plan. The participants identified the areas of activity, the main mechanisms by which the gradual transition from donor to budgetary financing of public health services is possible.

Experts from Budget Advocacy School shared Ukraine’s experience in promoting the transition plan and implementing social contracting mechanisms, and expressed their readiness to continue cooperation with the countries of Southeast Europe.

As a result of meeting such priority spheres of collaboration are defined: 

  •  Change protocols with WHO CO support tо include HIV self-testing and assisted testing
  • Optimize costs of ART
  • Provide packages of normative changes for service delivery
  • PrEP promotion in SEE;
  • Work on budget advocacy in the direction of the state financing of services.


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