The experts of Budget Advocacy School took part in the meeting of SoS_project partners


10 march 2020

The annual meeting of partners of the multi-country project “Sustainability of services for key Populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” was held in Kiev on February 25-26.

The purpose of the meeting was to summarize the results of the first year of work in the region to build the sustainability of HIV services for key populations.

The focus of the first day was aimed at discussing the results of the project in 2019. Key and strategically important for future work conclusions on budget advocacy in Ukraine were shared by Roman Drozd and Yuriy Nestulya.

“Last year, we carried out detailed work to analyze the structure of the health care system in EECA countries, policy priorities and existing mechanisms of social contracting. This helped to create the vector for work for in 2020. We clearly see the need to coordinate the provision of financing for HIV services with the general trends of health system transformations both in the regulatory plan and in the issues of involving all interested parties in this process, ”concluded Roman Drozd.

On the second day of the meeting, strategic sessions were held to detail the SoS_project working plans for 2020. The work on budget advocacy will be aimed at the expertise and technical assistance in the project countries in the following areas:

♦   advising and training on budget advocacy

♦   analysis of the regulatory framework and the formation of proposals for its improvement;

♦   advising on the development of an optimal model for ensuring sustainability in financing of services;

♦   advising on the work of country coordination mechanisms;

♦   advising on analysis of needs for services, calculation of their volumes and cost;

♦   consultations on optimization of financing and reprogramming of existing financial resources;

♦   experience exchange visits.

“It is important to work on increasing overall healthcare budgets. If community is working to prioritize the treatment of only one particular disease, it means that other patients are opposed to it. But if we focus on increasing the overall budget for the field, the effect will be more global and better for everyone who needs treatment ”said Yuriy Nestulya.

Reference. SoS_project is a three-years multi-country project supported by the Global Fund “Sustainability of Services for Key Groups in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region”, which has combined the 14 countries in the region with the highest HIV prevalence. It is implemented by  the Alliance for Public Health, in a consortium with the 100% Life (All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH), the Central Asian HIV’ Association and the Eurasian Key Populations Health Network, with the participation of national governmental and non-governmental organizations, regional key populations networks, international agencies and organizations, as well as technical partners.


The article was prepared within the project “Sustainability of services for key groups in the EECA region” (# SoS_project)

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