Budget advocacy school experts took part in the Adherence-2020 International Conference


16 december 2020

Irina Domnenko and Yuriy Romashko presented Ukrainian experience in promoting the Transition Plan, increasing the advocacy potential of NGOs and developing social contracting in the country.

The conference was held online on November 2-3, 2020. During the poster presentation, Iryna Domnenko presented a case study on the preconditions for launching the transition process in Ukraine. Until 2018 in Ukraine, most of the HIV prevention, care and support services were provided at the expense of the Global Fund, which created the risk of disappearance of these services if such funding was terminated. That is why the team of the Institute of Analytics and Advocacy is promoting budget advocacy to create a transparent and rational system of financing for public funds.


Irina also presented the successes achieved in cooperation between NGOs and the state. From 2015 to 2017, advising Ukrainian NGOs on the implementation of initiatives to allocate funds from local budgets for the needs of key groups helped to implement more than 40 cases and attract more than 11 million hryvnia to HIV. Irina noted that these cases showed that NGOs can be reliable partners of the state, therefore, already in 2019, when the implementation of the transition plan in Ukraine began, NGOs and the state found a common language.

In an oral presentation, Yuriy Romashko spoke in more detail about the work of the Institute of Analytics and Advocacy in the framework of the Transition Plan. He spoke about the creation of a regulatory framework for the procurement system of a new type of services – public health services.


He drew attention to the fact that such a retraining of the provision of HIV services will allow NGOs, utilities and businesses to participate in tenders.

He also talked about the formation of packages of HIV services. He said that the division of services into a basic and an extended package allows to provide the necessary services and regulate their list for the needs of the regions.


Experts note that the restructuring of the system is still ongoing, the financing model is improving, the regulatory framework and tax legislation are improving, but the chosen method of distributing services allows ensuring the sustainability of their provision.

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