What will 2020 be remembered for the Budget Advocacy School?


30 december 2020

Despite the fact that 2020 was not an easy year for everyone, Budget Advocacy School continued to move in a given direction, adjusting to the changes that the pandemic has made in our lives.
Let’s see what has been done.

1.About 130 consultations were held for representatives of NGOs and government in the EECA region

2.4 webinars were held in partnership with TB REP 2.0 project, which reviewed funding mechanisms, regulations, funding through national insurance agencies and quality assessment of HIV and TB services.

3.5 training webinars were held for representatives of NGOs in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia. They talked about partnerships between NGOs and authorities, prioritization of HIV services and the practice of NGO participation in procurement.

4.A study of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sustainability of financing and implementation of HIV programs in EECA countries was carried out.

5.A study on public procurement mechanisms was launched in 2020 to ensure procurement of HIV services after the end of the transition from GF funding, and 24 focus group meetings were held as part of this study.

6.Launched the development of a communication platform for the transition plan in EECA countries transitionplan.online

7.EECA countries were provided with technical assistance in finalizing documents, analyzing the cost of services and setting tariffs and standards, developing explanatory materials for NGOs, describing possible transition models and cooperation with authorities.

8.A 3-day Budget Advocacy School was held for 50 participants “Strengthening the capacity of representatives of women’s organizations in Ukraine to implement budget advocacy” with the support of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund and the International Renaissance Foundation

9.An online Budget Advocacy School “Strengthening the capacity of the organization“ TBpeopleUkraine ”to implement budget advocacy” was held for 23 participants with the support of the NGO “100 percent of life”

We thank all the partners who helped us continue to move towards sustainability of HIV and TB services in the transition, and we continue to make plans for 2021.

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