Budget financing of substitution maintenance therapy for HIV/AIDS response


18 february 2018

The budget financing of SMT medicines procurement contributes HIV response among risk groups.

An advocacy campaign on the funds allocation from the local budget for SMT medicines* procurement was held in Kirovograd region.

Having created the Public Patients’ Council, representatives of organization conducted an analytical work, made media support for the advocacy campaign and held negotiations with representatives of local authorities.

For the efficient implementation of the case, the Public patient and medical council was established at the local health care department. The NGOs of the region, representatives of health care institutions joined it. The work of the PPMC was aimed at increasing public influence on health policy and, accordingly, promoting more efficient use of budget funds.

The organization thoroughly investigated the budget process at the regional level. Organization representatives conducted an analytical study on informal payments in local health facilities and prepared analytical papers on harm reduction measures.

An important moment in conducting an advocacy campaign and achieving the goal was the media coverage of the threat of lack of funding for SMT programs in the near future if international organizations stop paying them.

As a result of a trilateral meeting between the leaders of the non-governmental organization, local governments and the specialized public health institution, it was understood that allocation of budget funds for SMT programs is an effective solution to the problem. In the case of donor financing absence for SMT, the region will already have a well-established mechanism for financing these programs at the expense of local budgets, so it will avoid the situation of therapy lack and increasing the number of HIV-infected people.

Case implementers: Kirovograd Regional Branch of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH”.

Result: UAH 24,000 from the local budget for the SMT medicines procurement.

* The essence of substitution maintenance therapy (SMT) is the daily long-term use of a substitute drug for the treatment of drug-related disorders. That reduces the risk of HIV transmission among injecting drug users, thus slowing down the pace of the spread of the epidemic.

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