Procurement efficiency analysis of profiled health care institutions – analytical reports formation


18 february 2018

The work on monitoring of expenditure rationality of profiled health care institutions has begun its work in 6 regions of Ukraine.

The monitoring specialists have analyzed the procurement efficiency of relevant HCI in 6 regions in Ukraine*. The monitoring goal was to find opportunities for cost saving, disclosure of violations or inefficient use of funds.

Each specialist has focused his work on a list of health care institutions in his region (Customers). The monitoring results** were 6 analytical reports with recommendations for each of the selected regions in Ukraine.

Primarily, analysts have established the analysis indexes and identified general information on the number of purchases for each CPV code, the number of competitive tenders and the percentage of savings.

For selected health care institutions, monitoring specialists analyzed the procurement plan and statistics for their conduction, detailed information on the type of procedures and the procurement subject.

Based on these actions, specialists have calculated the efficiency and savings level of budget funds for each Customer (health care institution).

The violations were analyzed and recommendations for avoiding them in subsequent procurement procedures were described.

In the process of analysis, a separate attention and response were obtained in the following cases:

In Kharkiv, the Regional Tuberculosis Hospital 2 avoids conducting any procedures in the electronic procurement system. The customer regularly transfers funds to the different recipients’ accounts. In 2017 the Regional Tuberculosis Hospital 2 transferred more than 3 million UAH, while there is no information on the annual plan.

Among other issues, there were found documents that didn’t belong to the participant of tender. Public institution of the Sumy Regional Council “The Regional Specialized Psychiatric Hospital 3” announced a pre-liminal purchase for 420 kg of frozen pork meat. Public monitors found that the winner’s offer contained a quality certificate of only 260 kg, not 420, as provided in the tender conditions. The Customer actions on regarding the participant acceptance without the necessary documents stood in direct conflict with one of the basic principles of public procurement implementation – an objective and unbiased assessment of proposals.

For each analytical report the series of infographics has been developed. It shows the overall statistics and detailed information for each of the selected healthcare institutions.

The Budget advocacy school experts noted that the analytical reports** show a generalized picture of the efficiency and accuracy of the Prozorro electronic system using by healthcare customers. It can be used as material for argumentation in negotiation and advocacy campaigns.

Case implementers: CO “100% of life” network Rivne”, CO “100% of life” network Kharkiv” , CO “CS “Network” Lviv” , NGO “Club “Chance”, CO “Chernihiv Network”, CO “100% of life” network Kirovograd”.

Result: 600 procurement procedures in 6 regions of Ukraine were monitored, 6 analytical reports were formed.

* Kharkiv, Lviv, Rivne, Sumy, Chernihiv and Kirovograd regions

** Case Reference: Procurement Monitoring

*** Reference to analytical reports

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