Budget Advocacy School experts took part at the XXII International AIDS Conference


30 july 2018

In Amsterdam the best results of global research and innovation in HIV/AIDS were presented.

From July 23 to July 27 in Amsterdam (Netherlands) for the second time the annual International AIDS Conference “AIDS 2018” was held. Among the 15 000 participants in the largest AIDS conference were experts from Budget Advocacy School Sergii Dmitriev, Maxim Demchenko, Yuriy Nestulya, Roman Drozd, Dmytro Tygach and Olexiy Zahrebelnyi who presented the best practices of Ukraine at HIV/AIDS response in Amsterdam.

 Within the framework of the session “New technologies – new opportunities!” BAS expert Yuriy Nestulya told about the advantages of the innovative system DataCheck:

DataCheck is an information system that allows service organizations to efficiently manage their resources and save time efficiently. Donor organizations DataCheck allows you to control the allocation of your resources and monitor the situation of providing services in real time at the level of each individual geographical point, each individual organization and each social worker“, said Yuriy Nestulya, founder of NGO “Institute of Analysis and Advocacy”.

 BAS experts Sergii Dmitriev and Maxim Demchenko revealed the secrets of the creation, the first pilot projects and prospects for a unique Transition Plan and social contracting process:

The main idea of ​​the Transition Plan is to systematize all the precedents that have been accumulated over the past 5 years. Those interventions, which are now being proposed, need to be pawned into the state system. We have created a huge number of precedents, different ways of financing mechanisms and reporting. If we are talking about a sustainable model for an epidemic, there should have some funds guaranteed by the state. We need to put in place such mechanisms that will guarantee financing from year to year“, – noted Maxim Demchenko to the conference participants.

 Ukraine increased state funding for HIV and tuberculosis programs by 150% and 130%, accordingly. As the actress, the founder of The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project Charlize Theron, noted: “All of us is a powerful force, so powerful, that anything cannot divide us and our goals“.

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