About us

Budget Advocacy School is a resource center whose main tasks are to increase the organizational, advocacy and analysis capacity of civil society institutions working in the fields of public health and budget advocacy in the countries of the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Our mission and values:

BAS mission is to develop the advocacy potential of non-governmental organizations working in the field of public health in Ukraine and abroad.
Our goals: creation of a complex brand filled with active-functioning website, official publisher, trade mark, etc; dissemination of information about opportunities and successful projects of Budget Advocacy School; provision of custom-made services for non-governmental organizations on budget advocacy.

Our activity:

The program of the Budget Advocacy School is aimed at raising the knowledge of people in the following areas: policy formulation, planning and budgeting, resource allocation control, analytical work, media campaigns, models and approaches to advocacy.

Our team


Yuriy Romashko


Maxim Demchenko


Yuriy Nestulya


Iryna Domnenko


Alina Kuzmenko


Open Society Foundation

Open Society Foundations are working to create vigorous and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all of people.

Internatioanl Renaissance Foundation

International Renaissance Foundation is one of the largest charitable foundations in Ukraine, a national fund that is part of the the global network of Open Society Foundations.

Network "100 percent of life"

Network 100% of life is created and works for PLWH, as well as patients with TB, VHC and representatives of key risk groups.

NGO "Institute of analysis and advocacy"

Institute of Analysis and Advocacy (IAA) is a think tank created in 2013 for the development of civil society in Ukraine . The organization concentrates its activities in three directions: openness and transparency; development of independent media; implementation of IT in the public sector.

CO "Light of Hope"

BO “Light of Hope” provides a wide range of social services that creates conditions for the sustainable functioning of health public systems at the level of the best international practices.

Initiativa Pozitiva

Initiativa Pozitiva is officially registered in October 2011. This is the organization of patients living, affected or vulnerable to HIV, which operates throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

NGO "Club "Chance"

Club “Chance” is a non-governmental organization that has been operating in the Sumy region since 2006. Main areas of activity: public health, social protection, representation of interests and protection of the rights of vulnerable groups.

Transparency International Ukraine

Transparency International is an anti-corruption organization founded in 1993 in Berlin. Transparency International is located in more than 100 countries. The Ukrainian branch of Transparency International grew up from a non-governmental organization registered in 1999 in Kropyvnytskyi.


DoZorro Monitoring Portal is a platform where every participant of the system (supplier, customer, supervisory authority, citizen) can give feedback to a government customer or supplier, discuss and evaluate the terms of a specific procurements etc.


Portal prozorro.gov.ua is an open resource that offers access to all information from a central database on electronic tendering, which have been announced since July 31, 2016.

Our clients

Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan

Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan is an international non-governmental private foundation. The Foundation is part of the international network of Open Society Foundations, which includes Soros’ national foundations in 31 countries and two regional funds covering 27 other countries.

CO "Patients of Ukraine"

CO “Patients of Ukraine” is a charitable Organization. Its goal is to provide all patients in Ukraine with efficient treatment, bringing together activists to influence state laws and policies.

TB people Ukraine

TBpeople is a global network of people who have had tuberculosis. It was established in June 2016 and brought together community activists from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

CO "Pozitive women"

“Positive Women” is a national charity foundation that unites women living with HIV and women affected by this problem from 14 regions of Ukraine.


CO “FREE ZONE” is a charitable organization established with the aim of sustainable development and viability of the community of prisoners and freed to protect their rights, providing conditions for the re-socialization of former prisoners, prevention and treatment of socially dangerous diseases.

NGO "Alliance.Global"

“Alliance.Global” is mainly focused on activities of outreach/social work, HIV/STI testing and prevention, development of community centers for MSM and regional advocacy for access of vulnerable groups to health and social services.

Association "LIGA"

Association “LIGA” is the first non-governmental officially registered LGBT organization in Ukraine.

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